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    Myriah Davis, Clinical Intern

    Myriah Davis is currently pursuing her masters degree in social work (MSW) at Walden University. She has experience working in outpatient and inpatient facilities as well as conducting individual and group therapy. Myriah has joined True Blue Behavioral Health as a Social Work Intern.

    Growing up, I was always the empathic friend who cared about others and wanted to assist in anyway possible to help others feel better, reach a goal, or just aid in providing comfort. This transcended into adulthood and sparked my passion for not only therapy but advocating for the underserved, seemingly lost as well as the overlooked. I find joy in helping others reach their goals and providing others with effective coping skills to provide a higher quality of life.

    I have a masters degree in forensic psychology and am excited to be finishing up my MSW degree.  I plan to use my particular skill set to assist clients in a strengths based modality. This approach aids others in tapping into their best selves and seeing themselves in a new light using evidenced based practices and person centered interventions. In my clinical orientation, I prioritize a strength-based, person-centered approach that also integrates elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This means I focus on identifying and building upon the individual’s strengths and resources, while fostering a collaborative and empowering therapeutic relationship. Clients can expect a non-judgmental and empathetic environment where their unique experiences and perspectives are valued. I will work with clients to set achievable goals and guide them in developing practical strategies to address challenges using the insights of CBT. This approach encourages self-awareness, coping skills, and cognitive restructuring, all aimed at promoting personal growth and positive change.

    My aim is to support clients in their journey towards greater well-being while respecting their autonomy and individuality. Call for your free telephone consultation today. Our staff look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your mental health journey.


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