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    Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Group

    Are you a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, looking to heal, grow, and find empowerment among a community of supportive individuals who understand your journey? Join us for the Women’s Trauma Recovery Empowerment Group, an intensive virtual 12-week program. 

    📅 When: Every Wednesday

    🕖 Time: 7:00 PM EST

    👤 Therapist:  Davidra Bazemore-Blue, LICSW, CDBT 

    🎫 Reserve a Spot: Contact Us

    About the Group:

    The Women’s Trauma Recovery Empowerment Group is designed to provide a safe and nurturing space for survivors of childhood sexual trauma. This virtual support group will follow a structured 12-week program, combining the expertise of our facilitator with the principles of Dialectical Skills Training techniques and the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM).


    🌟 Davidra Bazemore-Blue, LCSW-C, LICSW, CDBT, brings her extensive experience in trauma recovery and empowerment to guide participants on their healing journey. With a focus on peer support, psychoeducation, and skills training, this group-based intervention is designed to facilitate trauma recovery among women with histories of exposure to sexual abuse.

    Group Objectives:

    Develop coping skills for healing and recovery. 🌈Cultivate a strong support network among like-minded survivors. 🤗Address short-term and long-term consequences of violent victimization. 🚫🔚Manage mental health symptoms, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. 😌Address issues related to substance abuse. 🍃


    Participation in this life-changing program is available for $75 per session. 💰 Payment plans may be available for those in need.

    Reserve Your Spot:

    Don’t miss the opportunity to join this transformative journey towards healing, empowerment, and recovery. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot in the Women’s Trauma Recovery Empowerment Group today by calling (301) 200-2051 or completing the Contact Form. Your path to healing and growth begins here. 🌟

    Disclaimer: This group is not a replacement for individual therapy, and participants are encouraged to continue or seek individual therapy if necessary. The group environment is intended to complement and enhance personal healing and growth.

    We look forward to supporting you on your path to healing and empowerment. 🌼