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    Clinical Supervision

    Supervision is a transformational experience at the personal and professional level. We bring our whole selves to the work of helping our clients/patients transform their own lives.

    During the supervision process, supervisees can expect to become grounded in the knowledge and practical application of specific theoretical perspectives and practice models, develop business knowledge an acumen to enhance leadership abilities in the field, while also receiving encouragement to become attuned to how they show up in the therapeutic process. Our goal is to help you develop the confidence to use yourself more effectively to enhance the psychotherapy process for your clients and/or the quality of productivity of your organization.

    Supervisees can expect to be mentored, coached, supported, yet stretched throughout our relationship.

    We have clinicians who are licensed and State approved to provide supervision for licensure in Washington, DC and Maryland. Since the requirements vary by state and by mental health profession, please contact us so we can discuss the specific requirements for your situation.

    Peer Consultation Group

    Consultation is a problem-solving process in which advice and knowledge as well as reflection on the social worker’s practice is offered by someone possessing specialized expertise. This method is a great way for newly clinically licensed social workers and counselors can be engaged to help identify gaps in knowledge, blocks in understanding, or explore other ways of seeing issues, etc.

    Our case consultation group meets weekly, at 7PM (EST). Group membership is only $40 a month.

    Private Practice Startup Coaching

    If you’re tired of working for agencies that leave you feeling burned out and unfulfilled; or you have questions about how to get more clients, how to set a session rated that won’t leave you barely making ends meet, you’re not alone. Therapist-in-Training just don’t get classes in school to teach them the nuts and bolts of running a practice.

    There are many questions in private practice:

    • How do I set my fees?
    • Do I need to specialize?
    • Is it better to take insurance or not?
    • Where can I get more clients?
    • How do I register my business?

    Starting or growing a therapy practice can be scary, but with the right information and skills, it can also be fun and rewarding. Private Practice Startup Coaching can help you get what you need, to either start a practice, or to turn your existing practice into a practice that is full, lucrative and thriving.

    Program Development/Evaluation

    Are you an individual, small business, or medium to large organization who needs someone to talk things through with or who needs an expert from the outside to come in and help you realize your vision? Are you or your organization going through a transition? Maybe you want to launch that new thing and need help getting buy-in and support to make it happen. Or perhaps you want to create an organizational culture of care that is sustainable and healthy or find a healthy and sustainable balance for yourself. Maybe it’s time to consider your next steps. We’re here to help!