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    There are many differences between coaching and therapy. If you are unsure which kind of support you need, do not worry; We can help! Here at True Blue Behavioral Health, we focus on both.

    Through guided sessions with one of our coaches, you identify what you want, explore blockers currently inhibiting you, develop action plans, and put them into play in order to realize your own potentials, abilities and unique talents. Coaching services do not include the treatment of mental illness. If your coach determines that therapy would be a more beneficial path for you, you can be comforted by knowing that all of our coaches are also licensed therapist. So there will be no disruption in your care. However, if you are further along in your therapy/healing process coaching may still be appropriate for you.

    So how do you know what kind of support you need? Patrick Williams’s article, “Coaching vs. Therapy, The Great Debate” uses an analogy of two cars to illustrate the foundational differences between therapy and coaching. “Think of two cars driving along a sandy, wave washed shoreline. One car hits a log and breaks an axel, sinking deep into the sand. The other car swerves to keep from hitting the log; but in doing so, also sinks in the sand For the first car, the only hope is a tow truck and a week in the shop. It is broken and cannot go further. This is a therapy patient. The second car merely needs a push, a little traction under its wheels, and it continues its race across the sand. This is the coaching client.” Which client are you?