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    Comprehensive DBT Program

    DBT Structure:
    Clients engage in weekly individual therapy sessions, participate in group skills training, and may access phone coaching between sessions. For adolescents, parental involvement is integral. All therapists undergo weekly consultation meetings. This comprehensive approach ensures adherence to DBT principles.

    Individual DBT Therapy:
    Sessions are highly collaborative, focusing on problem-solving, mindfulness, and behavior change. Clients track behaviors and emotions, fostering positive change through structured yet personalized sessions.

    DBT Skills Training:
    Clients learn emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness in 24-week cycles. Additional modules cater to adolescents and families, emphasizing communication and coping strategies.

    Family Support:
    Parental involvement is crucial in adolescent DBT, with Multifamily Skills Groups fostering shared learning and practice.