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    Sema’j Potter, Clinical Outreach Coordinator

    Sema’j Potter is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a major in Psychology at Towson University. Sema’j Potter has experience working in research and statistical methods utilized to evaluate and diagnose behavior patterns for effective treatment with communities at all socioeconomic levels. She has joined True Blue Behavioral Health as a Psychology Intern.

    Psychology is sometimes viewed as a contradiction to faith as it’s a scientific alternative with methods for treating one’s mental health. To delve deeper into an educational field rooted in science that uncovers intuitive mechanisms that can work in tandem with faith is a modern-day approach. My goal is to be able to work with a diverse group of people, educating them on how to identify and understand their diagnoses—specifically, being able to articulate emotions in a safe space comfortably. As well as assisting clients with short and long-term treatment plans to include coping mechanisms and incorporating their families into the process as appropriate. Ultimately, I would like people to feel at ease discussing mental health openly.

    I will use psychoeducational group sessions to educate clients in developing and implementing behavior support plans. As well as assisting clients with daily routines. The intent is to provide guidance and offer clients learning experiences to manage their emotions and practice efficient self-care strategies. The strategies will evolve as the client grows, keeping pace with demonstrated progression. My belief is based on having a “soft soul,” which allows me to see each client objectively and uniquely.


    • Business Development Coordination
    • Outreach Coordination
    • Psychoeducation Facilitator