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    Andromeda Peters, LICSW



    Washington, DC: LC50081110

    Andromeda Peters is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Relationship Expert, Keynote Speaker, AND the 2018-2019 Miss United States. She has worked as a psychotherapist to individuals with severe mental illness while simultaneously pursuing her passion for couples/pre-marital/marriage work. Her self-care mantra reminds all who work with her that YOU have to be cared for and healed BEFORE your relationship can begin to heal.

    Do you ever feel like you alone in your emotional challenges? Managing our mental health is something we should never have to do alone. My life’s journey has led me to my passion and being a therapist, life coach, advocate, and many other colorful experiences in both the entertainment and mental health industries.

    Experiencing a blend of two wonderful careers, I help people as a mental health advocate, therapist, and coach by tapping into the law of attraction – as seen in books like The Secret – whilst using my platform to make mental health resources more accessible and sharing my message that ASKING FOR HELP MAKE YOU BRAVE.

    Whether you’re facing the stress of a significant life or career change, navigating life with the impact of old hurts or traumas, or coping with relationship issues that have you rethinking your future, I can help you reclaim your confidence and thrive. Call for a FREE consultation/intake and begin your journey with me.


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    Rate: $120-$200 per session